Suure-Jaani Muusikafestival | 17.–23. juuni 2015

Suure-Jaani Muusikafestival

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XXII Suure-Jaani Music Festival takes place in 16th to 23rd June 2019.


XXII Suure-Jaani Music Festival

XXII Suure-Jaani Music Festival is dedicated to the composers from Kapp family. The artistic director is Professor Andres Uibo. 


Sunday, June 16

Cafe Day – the home-style cafes are opened to the public all over the parish.


11:00 Suure-Jaani Church

The service accompanied by music

The present festival starts on Sunday. It’s suitable to remind those men who used to work and play in this church and let their creation resound.


12:30 Balcony of the Suure-Jaani Church

The opening of Jaanus Siim’s photo exhibition „A retrospect of Suure-Jaani Music Festival“


13:30 Suure-Jaani Cemetery

Memorial moments

We commemorate the great men of Suure-Jaani with music and flowers.


14:45 Flag square of the North-Sakala municipality house

The festive hoisting of the festival flag


15:00 Composers the Kapps’ House Museum

Opening concertAleksei Vassiljev (cello, rector of St Petersburg Conservatory)Martti Raide (piano)



When 100 years ago, they were gone from Suure-Jaani to the world city St. Petersburg, then now more and more come from there to Suure-Jaani! Would Artur Kapp and Mart Saar have been able to dream that the successor of the rector of the St Petersburg Conservatory of their time comes to a small Suure-Jaani?


19:00 Concert hall of Suure-Jaani School

Pop group Mahavok

Tickets 20 €, from pre-sales 15€/ 12€*


In January 2019, the ensemble was awarded a lifetime prize for their long-term and great contribution to Estonian pop music.


Monday, June 17

Competition Day


14:00 Suure-Jaani Church

First round for the cellists

Laine Leichter 100

A.Kapp. Cello prelude by J. S. Bach.

Two parts of cello suites with different characters



We have had teachers whose commitment to the young instrumentalists has been invaluable. Today’s Estonian high-level cello game has reached its level thanks to Maestra Laine Leichter. On June 8, it’s her 100th anniversary of birth.

20:00 Open air stage of Tääksi watermill (inside, in case it rains)

Beati Mandolini (Blissful mandolins)

Tickets 15 €, from pre-sales 12€/ 10€*


Before the summer starts, it’s very suitable to listen to Italian music performed by its best masters.


Tuesday, June 18

Visitors from far away


12:00 Kondas House

Second round for the cellists

Concert accompanied by orchestra

J.Haydn – Cello concerto in C major



22:00 Suure-Jaani Orthodox Church

Valaam Monastery Choir (Russia)

It’s the choir of Russian monks that presents Russian orthodox music and folk songs

Tickets 20 €, from pre-sales 15€/ 12€*


It is said that Valaam Monastery Choir is one of the most outstanding male choir in the church world.


Wednesday, June 19

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Day

EAMT 100


It’s a day when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT). In 1944, the Tallinn Conservatoire located in Lahmuse. This is where Villem Kapp, Tiit Kuusik and this year’s jubilee maestra Laine Leichter graduated from.


13:00 Cafe Arturi Juures (At Arthur’s)

Lunch hour with Matti Reimann

The story of the conservatoire

Moderator Johan Randvere

Tickets 5€ / 3€*


Matti Reimann recently celebrated his 75th jubilee. He’s one of the professors in Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre who has been worked there for a very long time, and now he shares his memories from these times.


16:00 Lahmuse School

Äli-Ann Klooren’s presentation about the years when the Tallinn Conservatoire located in Lahmuse.



17:00 at Lahmuse School

Planting an oak tree in honor of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre 100th anniversary

Rector Ivari Ilja


19:00 Concert hall of Suure.Jaani School

EAMT Symphony Orchestra and soloists

Conductor Andres Kaljuste

Performers are the graduates 2019 of the EAMT

Tickets 10 € / 8 €*


22:00 Olustvere Manor House

Opera “Orlando” by Georg Friedrich Handel

EAMT Opera Studio

Producer Stephan Jöris

Conductor Endrik Üksvärav

Chamber orchestra, choir and soloists

Tickets 25 €, from pre-sales 20 € / 15€*


Thursday, June 20

A Thought Day


13:00 Cafe Arturi Juures (At Arthur’s)

Lunch hour with Lydia Rahula

Moderator Tomi Rahula

Tickets 5 € /3 €*



Lydia Rahula is a choral conductor whose name is well known and who has much to share and talk about.


16:00 Olustvere Bakery

“Valgre and raisins”

Henn Rebane (accordion) and Jüri Aarma (speech and songs)

Tickets 20 €, from pre-sales 15€/ 12€*


Beloved musician Raimond Valgre could have been world famous composer if he had had more favorable living conditions during his lifetime.


Friday, June 21

Summer Solstice Day


13:00 Cafe Arturi Juures (At Arthur’s)

Lunch hour with Ülo Vooglaid

(Ministry of Education Lifetime Achievement Award 2018)

Moderator Jaak Uibu

Tickets 5 € / 3 €*


18:00 Kõpu Church

A stroll on the three floors of the church with Andres Uibo and Hedi Vilumaa



20:00 Suure-Kõpu Manor house

Concerto BachFest and soloists

  1. Brahms, D. Buxtehude, F. Tunder, J.S. Bach

Tickets 25 €, from pre-sales 20 € / 15€*


A fabulous hall, excellent music, wonderful evening and the beginning of summer.


Saturday, June 22

Estonian National Symphony Orchestra Day


13:00 Cafe Arturi Juures (At Arthur’s)

Lunch hour with Reet Linna

Moderator Arnold Pastak

Tickets 5 € / 3 €*


Reet Linna is a TV star who has already appeared on the TV screens for 50 years.


19:00 Concert hall of Suure-Jaani School

Estonian National Symphony Orchestra (ENSO)

Conductor Matthias Giesen (Austria)

Soloists: Thomas Wall (cello, Austria), Mari-Liis Uibu (violin)

Prelude for Cello and Orchestra composed by Artur Kapp, Violin Concerto by Andres Uibo, Anton Bruckner‘s Symphony No. 3

Tickets 20 €, from pre-sales 15 € / 12 €*


Suure-Jaani Music Festival is the only annual event where Estonian most outstanding musical orchestra has attended at almost every summer since the beginning of the festival, 1998. The musicians say that Suure-Jaani has a warm welcome, a cozy atmosphere and tasty food.


Pühapäev, 23.juuni

Jaanilaupäev – finaal


Sunday, June 23

Midsummer Eve – the finale


03:00 Hüpassaare bog

Sunrise concert

Estonian TV Girls Choir, choral conductor Aarne Saluveer

Bog orchestra

Estonian choral music and  „A Little Night Music“ composed by W. A. Mozart

Tickets 20 €, from pre-sales 15 € / 12 €*


To avoid queue, buying tickets from the pre-sale is recommended. Also it’s advisable to use public transport. Please be in Hüpassaare at least an hour before the concert begins. There are two boardwalks; both are about a kilometer long, which lead to the venue – onto a bog island. Choose the right clothes and footwear; bring a flashlight and a seat, because there are no seats at the concert venue. Please take litter with you when you leave.


It’s a concert that speaks for itself and does not require advertising. The spectacular views make it unique. The sunrise is welcomed with “Morning Mood” composed by E. Grieg.


21:00 Suure-Jaani Song Festival Ground

Jaanipäev (Midsummer Eve) celebrations led by band A.G.E.


The organizer has the right to make changes to the program


*- Discounted tickets are for up to 18-year-olds and seniors, the relevant certificate is required


Sponsor Pass 150 A Sponsor Pass allows the passholder to attend any concert and event during the festival for free. Passes will be swapped for the wrist bands at the information desk of the festival (Kondas House, 9 Ilmatari Street) or at the tiket sales one hour before the concert starts.

Since June 15, there’s the ticket pre-sales at the information desk of the festival (Kondas House, 9 Ilmatari Street). Pre-sales end a day before the festival starts.


June 21, at 15:00

General assembly of International Society of Artur Kapp